Apple Inc. Is a highly reputed and reliable gadget manufacturing company in Cupertino,IPhone 5 is a Perfect Blend of High End Features Articles California. There are over five hundred million users all around the world who proudly boast of being a part of Apple family. This company has manufactured many stunning products and iPhone 5 is one such being. It is the sixth generation of the iPhone division. This latest smartphone by Apple is well equipped with all the high end features.

The screen of iPhone 5 is 4 inches tall, half an inch taller than previous model i.e. IPhone 4S. It is the first time Apple has increase the length of the phone since the original iphone was launched. This 4 inch tall phone has the same width as iPhone 4S. Thus, it is comfortable to type with one hand. This time Apple has thought heavily about the design of the device. This smart is stylish as well as attractive. Also, it is not oversized, awkward or hard to use.

Furthermore, the display of iPhone 5 also how much is my phone worth? comes with the Retina pixel density of 326 dots per inch (dpi) as iphone 4S. The taller screen of this smartphone increases the resolution of the screen to 1136 X 640 (from 960 X 640). Therefore, it is able to create enough space for a 5th row of icons on the Home screen. Also, it allows you to see more of a webpage, more events in your calendar etc. Iphone 5 is a great device for watching videos because it allows you to play movies in full widescreen format without any black bars at the top, bottom or side of the screen.

The looks of iPhone 5 is quite similar to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, however the back of iPhone 5 is made of anodized aluminum with inlays along. Its top and bottom is made of ceramic glass or pigmented glass which provide it a cool two-tone effect.

The iPhone 5 price in UAE is not much high in comparison to iPhone 4S price in UAE. The Latest iphone 5 price in UAE is around AED 2599. On the other hand, iPhone 4S price in UAE is around AED 2049. COnsidering the high end features of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, it is a great decision to buy these smartphone., a highly reputed online shopping store offers you the best price on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 in UAE. This website often comes up with heavy discounts, so there is a great chance to make huge savings.

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