Taking showers is not just an activity; it is the process of refreshing your mind and mood right? But people with limited mobility,5 Shower Solutions for Eldery and Disabled Articles including the elderly are unable to shower often because the limited mobility makes the process of showering unsafe and hard.

However, today there are a variety of shower options for the disabled and elderly. And to help you know which shower setup is right for you or your loved ones, we got 5 shower options to choose from:

1. Bed Baths

The bed bath, known commonly as a “sponge bath,” is often the only option for someone who has restricted mobility. People who are bed bound are not able to get out of bed or move much.

But in any situation, hygine is shower installation london extremely important. So, the best way to deal with that is to go with a bed bath. These can be taken in the bed itself. If you need, another person can help with the bed baths.

2. Shower Chairs

This is a versatile option for elderly or people with limited mobility. From a garden tub to handicap accessible shower rooms you can use them or fit them anywhere. There are various ways to add a shower chair to your bathing setup:

You can place a shower chair stand on the tub or on the shower floor straight under the shower
You can also fit them as a pull down option from the shower wall
You can even built them into the tub or shower as part of a bathroom renovation

Later, you can add to it or keep it as it is, your situation or requirement changes.

Here are some basic requirements to use a shower chair like:

You must be able to sit upright without any support
You also make sure that you get on and off of the shower chair carefully. Of course you can take someone’s help for that if needed.
You will need to supplement a shower chair set up with grab bars and hand held shower heads

3. Portable Showers

Portable shower stalls are the other option for people who are unable to use a traditional bathroom. You can set up a washing area in another part of the house including privacy curtains. This is the most convenient solution for people in wheelchairs.

4. Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers offer a wide array of options for the disabled and the elderly. You can customize it as per your expectations to make it the perfect shower solution for your specific needs. You can even convert your existing tub and shower combo into a walk-in shower.

A main advantage is that you get to choose from panel and door combinations. You can add built-in shower seats and easy to grip handles as well.

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